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Z's SkilZ-Zone Soccer Camp
 Call us at: 734-846-9982
Camp Application: Send the information below to the address at the bottom of the page

​NEW!! Paypal payment available.                                Please still send Camp form by email or in the mail

Player Name ____________________________________________________  


Home Phone_______________________________________________

Cell phone_________________________________________________

Address___________________________________________________City__________________ Zip_______

Email Address_____________________________________________________________________________

Grade (fall 2019)________ 

Parent Name __________________________________________________________________

Camp Approval - Parent Signature _______________________________________________________________

T—Shirt Size:      Childrens   S   M   L        Adults   S   M   L   XL

Name of Elementary School you attend and/or attended______________________________________________________

Name of Middle School you attend or attended_____________________________________________________________

Please mark what grade the player will be in next Fall.  This will be the group they train with.

____Grades K, 1st, 2nd

____Grades 3rd and 4th

____Grades 5th and 6th

____Grades 7th and 8th

____Grade 9th (This group is designed to get you ready for high school soccer)

Enrollment and Costs:
$85.00 before June 1st. $95.00 after June 1st. Enrollment includes a T-shirt, a soccer ball, 
water, 4 days of high quality instruction, awards, Candy/Soccer Field Day, a 4v4 tournament 
for 7th-9th grade and much more. Enroll with a sibling, a friend, or a group and save $5.00 off 
the cost of each person just by putting them in the same envelope. This option not available
with Paypal. Save $5 by signing up before May 1st!!

Use Paypal, Pay Cash or Make checks payable to:  Z’s Skilz-Zone

Mail top portion of form and check to:             

Z’s Skilz-Zone
Attn: Ben Zolynsky
C/O Seitz Middle School
17800 Kennebec St.
Riverview, MI 48193

No later than June 1st, but                                     
Walk ins welcome*                                                  
*Late registrations may not                                    
receive a t-shirt, plus there is an                            
additional $10 fee for late registration  

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